Our Mission:

Every year for almost a decade, sexually transmitted diseases in the United States have hit an all-time high (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). You read that right. ALL TIME HIGHS.

Crazy, right? So why wasn’t anyone doing anything about it? Most testing is done as a result of an “oops” moment. That dreaded call or text telling you that perhaps you should have yourself tested. What’s more awkward than that?

We knew that something had to change. The conversations about STDs and verified testing had to become normalized. So VerifiedMD was born to set out to do something about it.

At VerifiedMD, our mission is to help jumpstart those difficult conversations about STDs and safe sex by creating an easy-to-use system for getting reliable, verified testing that can be safely shared. It is our hope that we can normalize regular STD-testing and sharing of results with sexual partners to limit the risk of infection, and finally see the STD rate decline once and for all.

We Believe:

STD testing shouldn’t be just reactionary ​

Sex-care is

Sex-care is a form of respect for others as well as for yourself

Our Partner:

VerifiedMD partners with BioReference, the largest full-service specialty lab in the United States for all testing. For more than four decades, BioReference has built a legacy based on scientific excellence, innovation and world-class service in laboratory testing solutions. Our customers can choose to visit a BioReference laboratory near them or have a phlebotomist come directly to their home or office for our concierge service. Available in select markets.